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Earl and Libby CD's

Earl and Libby CD's

NO. 1

20 Songs of Praise

1. If the Rapture was Yesterday
2. Love in His Heart
3. Goody, Goody Devil
4. He Will Make the Flowers Bloom
PLUS 16 others


NO. 2

16 Gospel Favorites

1. Standing somewhere In The Shadow

2. This Old Crazy World Thinks I'm Crazy

3. A Winner Either Way

4. The Voting Song

5. The Eagle

6. Dig Another Well

PLUS 10 more!


NO. 3

Songs That Tell A Story

1. I've Never Been Disappointed in Jesus

2. Still Blessed

6. Worn Out

7. On the Sunny Banks

8. There Ain't No Graves Gonna Hold My Body Down

Plus 10 more!

NO. 4


1. Science and Grace

2. What A Way To Say Goodby

3. Paul’s Ministry

4. The Old Rejected Vessel

5. Till The Storm Passes By

6. You Must Believe

Plus 12 more

  NO. 5


1. The Old Time Way

2. You Are What You Are

3. His Name is Jesus 

4. He Will Calm The Troubled Waters

5. Not the Man I Used To Be...Plus 12 more 


NO. 6 

From the Hymnal

Eleven great songs including:

1. Never Grow Old

2. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

3. I Must Tell Jesus

4. Just Over In the Gloryland


NO. 7

Bloom Where You're Planted

Sixteen Gospel Favorites

1. Bloom Where You’re Planted

2. Jesus with His Grace Amazes Me

3. In Tune With Another Country

4. Feed Me Jesus....Plus 12 others


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